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Small Bed £39.96 with FREE delivery (Save £9.99 with coupon)

(Was: £49.95


64cm x 51cm by 16cm high (to top of bolsters)

Medium Bed £71.96 with FREE delivery (Save £17.99 with coupon)

 (Was: £89.95)


91cm x 71cm by 23cm high (to top of bolsters)


Large Bed £103.96 with FREE delivery (Save £25.99 with coupon)

(Was: £129.95)


112cm x 71cm by 26cm high (to top of bolsters)

Extra Large Bed £127.96 with FREE delivery (Save £31.99 with coupon)

(Was: £159.95)


127cm x 102cm by 33cm high (to top of bolsters)


About the Product

  • COMFORT - The Daisy Elliott dog bed is designed to give your pet the same level of comfort available in top quality beds made for people. Why should your dog deserve less than the very best? 
  • MATERIALS - Only the very best materials are used in your dogs new bed. Water and tear resistant machine washable outer cover, waterproof inner liner and memory foam mattress. 
  • MATTRESS - 10cm deep solid memory foam mattress conforms to the the shape and contours of your dog providing the most supportive and comfortable surface for rest and sleep. Puts lower quality beds in the shade, why compromise?
  • HEALTH - such is the level of comfort that your pet will wake with more energy, better mood, relief from pain and alleviated stress on joints. Your dog will thank you for improving their quality of life.
  • SLEEP GUARANTEED - when investing in such a high quality bed you can rest easy knowing that the product is covered by a full 12 month manufacturers guarantee in addition to our "Sleep Guarantee", if your pet doesn't love their new bed after 30 days then we will collect it and issue a full refund.